Wamp Server Setup

Wamp Server Setup; A Reliant Web Developer

Wamp setup is one of the reasons why it is possible to build web applications via;

MySQL- a renounced database.
PHP- php hypertext preprocessor.

It has also been classified as a windows web creation because its originates from the windows community. Setting up the server is not highly procedural. Since the whole installation process is automated, there is no need of going to the source of the web development files.

How to go about the installation;

Click on the wamp setup file twice to start the set up process.

A manual is not needed for installing the file because all the installation actions are prompted.

Best thing to do is to follow the instructions.

Inclusions in the wamp server setup are MySQL, and PHP; and all are the recently released versions.

One thing to note is that the different databases come with their own updates and their own settings so they will have to be treated differently when being used.

Advantages of the wamp setup

Since different databases will be on operation after the set up, its completion will make sure that all of them are properly administered so that they can better complement each other.
If the server has to be made invisible, then it can be switched off for there is that option. And if the server has to be made private due to one reason or another, then it can be limited to a certain party. And if there is a need of making it public, then the same can be arrived at because the server will be made visible by all.

  • manage your Apache and MySQL services
  • switch online/offline (give access to everyone or only localhost)
  • Install and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releases
  • manage your servers settings
  • access your logs
  • access your settings files
  • create alias

With a right click :

  • change WampServer’s menu language
  • access this page

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